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at&m environmental engineering technology co., ltd.(aeet), founded in 2015.

aeet has set up three business segments, including industrial filtration & purification, clean energy engineering and advanced intelligent manufacturing, covering:r&d and manufacturing of advanced porous materials and components, developing filtration, separation, concentration and coalescence technologies in gas-liquid-solid three phase, as well as designing and producing its integrated equipment; projectdesign and general contracting in areas of clean energy, clean and comprehensive utilization of coal, sulfur recovery, environmental protection & resources recycling, hydrogen energy utilization, vocs treatment and so on; and developing new processing technology for advanced materials, designing and integrating its equipment, as well as building digital factory.

focusing on energy cleaning utilization and clean energy technology, aeet is an integrated environmental pollution control service provider with full competency of product r&d and manufacturing, equipment matching, system integration, engineering design and general contracting, aimed to realize clean process, emission reduction& harmless treatment, and resources recycling in industrial fields.